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                               Questions? Please contact Diane Lettieri
                               HS East PTSA: hseastptsa@gmail.com

                              (please do not call the school)

Principal: Dr. Jeffery Woodberry
Assistant Principals: Mr. Brett Kindelmann, Mr. Frank Pugliese, Ms. Naimah Trotter, Mr. Patrick Rendon
This page was last updated: October 21, 2016
Welcome to High School East PTSA
HSE PTSA 2015-2016
Executive Committee

Diane Lettieri
Vice Presidents
Bernice Cassino
Shari Brunning
Karen Petruzzelli
Corresponding Secretary
Denise Maestre
Recording Secretary
Maria Russo-Schwartz
Council Delegates
Stacey Abramson
Leslie Tolep
Alternate Delegates
Stacy Miller
Ronald Wells
Jeanmarie Mallon
Past President
Beth Slattery
Offers amazing programs for our students!
Check out: 
Online video-based test preparation courses to help students prepare for PSAT, SAT, PLAN & ACT
Live Tutors 2-11 pm, 7 days a week offering Homework Help K-12, help with research papers, help with standardized tests and more

Next PTSA Meeting
Wed, Nov 16th  - 9:30am

Guidance Conference Room

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Click on the tree to see
their brochure and learn about the following FREE services and more:

SAT Prep Course
ACT Prep Course
Life Skills Training
Employment Skills Workshop
Job Placement Services
Mural Group


Parent-Teacher Conferences #1
  Tues, Oct 18, 4-7pm

PTA Trash to Treasure Sale 
   HSE Cafeteria
   Sat, Oct 22, 10am-3pm

Board of Education Meeting at HSW
  Mon, Oct 24, 8pm

Parent-Teacher Conferences #2
   Thurs, Oct 27, 6-9pm

Safe Halloween at HSE
   Mon, Oct 31, 4-6pm

Parent-Teacher Conferences #3
   Mon, Nov 7, 6-9 pm

PTSA Meeting - Tues, Nov 16
  9:30am, Guidance Conference Rm


We need you!
The High School Years Are Some of The Most Important Years In
Your Child's Educational Career!   
Now Is Not The Time To Take A Backseat 
In Your Child’s Life… They Need You Now More Than Ever! 
Get Involved, Join PTSA & Support 
Our Hills East Students!

Half Hollow Hills High School East     50 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills, NY 11746     (631) 592-3100
Problems or questions regarding our website, please contact Diane Lettieri - hseastptsa@gmail.com

                          Take a picture, write a story, 
                           paint/draw/3D art, compose music,
                         choreograph dance, produce a film

                                 Click on theme for rules & more information
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